Blazing Saddle Demo Bike Program

Adding a new bike to your stable can be a tough choice. Here at Blazing Saddle, rather than just taking a bike around the block for your test ride, our demo program allows you to put it through its paces before you make the important decision of making your life more awesome. For only $75/day, we will slap your pedals on any of our demo bikes, help you get it on your rack, and let you take it to your favorite trail to send it how you like. After your trail day, maybe you decide you'd prefer going with a different model - fear not - any money you spend on demo-ing a bike will be taken off your next bike purchase at Blazing Saddle Cycle. Click through here to see what demo bikes we have available!

2019 Kona E-UTE

20" - Riders 5'9-6'3

Electric Cargo Commuter

2019 Kona Satori

Large - riders 5'9-6'2


2019 Kona Big Honzo DL

Medium - riders 5'6-6'0


2019 Kona Wozo

Large - riders 5'9-6'3


2019 Kona Hei Hei

Medium - riders 5'6-6'0


2019 Transition Smuggler

Medium and Large 5'6-6'3


2019 Transition PBJ

Short - riders 5'6-6'2

Park Bike/Dirt Jumper

2019 KHS Endure 1000

Medium and Large - riders 5'6-6'3

Electric Fat Tire MTB

2019 KHS Sixfifty 6555+

Large - riders 5'11-6'3

Electric MTB+