Safety-check $25

-Check all fasteners for proper torque
-Wipe down frame
-Air up tires
-Make necessary barrel adjustments of
  brakes and gears

Basic Tune-up $45

-Wipe-down of frame
-Wipe-down and re-lube of drivetrain
-Brake adjustment
-Derailleur adjustment
-Headset adjustment
-Bottom Bracket adjustment
-Quick spot-truing of wheels on bike

Full Tune-up $75

-Includes entire Basic Tune-up plus:
-Wheels removed for in-depth truing
-Axle adjustment

Full Overhaul $150

-Includes entire Full Tune-up plus:
-Full clean (outlined below)
-Strips bike down to bare frame and re-packs or

  replaces all necessary bearings
-Includes all extra labor costs for drivetrain-

  component replacement, cable replacement, and

  replacement of handlebar wrap.
**Replacement components not included**

Cleaning Services

Light Clean $20

-Frame wiped down
-Removal of all visible grit/grime while leaving

  components on the bike
-Chain gets run through commercial-grade chain

  cleaner and re-lubricated

Full Clean $60

-Detailed frame cleaning
-Drivetrain-related components removed from bike

  for intensive cleaning in industrial parts washer
-A necessary service for a well-ridden bike!

Specialty Services


Fork, shock or dropper; having these crucial parts serviced at regular intervals will ensure you're getting the longest life and proper ride out of your bike. 

-Forks start at $100

-Shocks start at $75

-Dropper posts start at $50

Get a hold of us with the serial numbers of your

squishy parts and we'll return the most accurate

price quote!

Frame Repair

Cracked dropout? Bent stay? Tweaked fork?

-We possess the tools and knowledge to tackle most 

   any repair job. Stop by for a free assessment!


No project is too big for the crew at Blazing Saddle! See our Instagram or Facebook page for many examples of the resto-jobs we’ve completed in the past. If you’re looking to breathe some new life into that ‘80s Bianchi road bike, or you’re considering getting your grandfather’s Ohio-built ‘48 Roadmaster back to it’s former glory, you’ve chosen the right shop. Call, email, or hit us up on Facebook for more details.

Individual Adjustments

Need a quick touch up on your derailleur? Rotor come out of true? Or, maybe you handle most of your own bike maintenance but don’t want to drop big bucks on a specialty tool that you may never use again.

-All our services are available a-la-carte. We'll do as much or as little as you'd like. Call or stop in for pricing.